Note: This Climate Site is being launched on January 1, 2021. It’s at an early stage, and user suggestions and recommendations on how to further develop the site are welcome. Here’s a simple way to contact us!

The 26th Conference of the Parties, delayed for a year by the COVID-19 pandemic, will still take place in Glasgow, Scotland.

This Climate Site organizes information and topics relevant to your being able to track what will and then did happen at COP-26. The materials you’ll see here have been extracted from the Climate Web, built to facilitate access to the actionable climate knowledge needed by individuals, companies, and policy-makers for tackling the entire "wicked problem" of climate change. The Climate Web is an open-access knowledgebase based on the work of thousands and experts, and the closest thing to a collective climate intelligence existing today.

Through the pages at right you can get a quick overview of COP-26 topics, and then dig into individual topics you’re interested in. Note that all of the materials you can access through the links in this Climate Site are also organized in more advanced ways in the Climate Web. An advantage of learing to explore the Climate Web, starting in this case through the I:COP26 Index Entry.